Dans Road to Sub 20 – 20.45 (QiYi Thunderclap)

My average this round was 20.45. It’s one of the better rounds I’ve had and I’m pretty happy with it. I was trying a different cube again this week. I used my stickerless QiYi Thunderclap. It’s an amazing cube, and I really like the way it feels. My only problem is the colour scheme. The yellow, green, and orange are just not very good in low light and it really throws off my OLL recognition.

I’ve ordered a stickered Thunderclap to see if it feels as good as the stickerless one. I also ordered a YueXiao, as I’ve heard great things about it and there are many good reviews.

Watching the video I can still see many areas I need to improve upon. There are still way too many pauses. The 2 biggest things I want to work on right now are look ahead and better cross planning. My Cross to F2L pause is often really bad.

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