General Cubing Update

5 of my last 10 rounds in the Race to Sub-20 thread have been sub-20, I just can’t seem to get 3 in a row. Nevertheless I am getting closer and closer. I just recently brought my global average down under 21 seconds on my cell phone timer. I use Nano Timer for Android, it’s a fantastic, feature rich, yet simple timer app. I paid the $1 for the pro version so I could import/export data. Check it out here Nano Timer.

I haven’t really learned any new algs lately, I’ve just been practicing and improving my look-ahead. Untimed slow turning solves seem to be paying off.

I can’t seem to settle on a main 3×3. I just keep bouncing around, and buying new ones. In truth, I highly doubt that it really matters at this point. I’m sure my times are all nearly identical with any of my top 10 3×3’s. It’s not really about getting an extra edge, I think it’s just about finding the one I enjoy most. Right now that’s a toss up between my Gans 356, AoLong V2, GuoGuan YueXiao, X-Man Tornado, and QiYi Thunderclap.

I just got a bunch of new stickerless puzzles. I recorded an unboxing video last night, so I’ll try to have that up on YouTube tonight. Now that I have some good puzzles I expect I’ll be re-learning how to solve Skewb, Square-One, Pyraminx, and Megaminx again. I’d like to add each of those events to the Weekly Comp over at

That’s all for now. Happy Cubing!

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