The MoYu 13×13 is AWESOME! … and Terrifying

So I finally got the MoYu 13×13, and boy is it pretty. I ordered it from Champions Cube Store. They had the best price and free shipping. They also gave me a huge cube bag with their logo on it, and two extra sets of half-bright stickers. Nice!

MoYu 13x13

This thing is an absolute beast. It’s heavy, as you might expect, and it sure is a work out for your hands. Though it turns really nice, you almost need a table to set it on while solving. Since there are so many layers, it will catch if any layers are out of place. Solving on table, or at a desk helps to keep it in line so the layers can turn without catching. I did one solve in my lap in a reclining chair while watching TV and it was doable, but I had to fuss with it more than I did at my desk.

So far I’ve solved it twice. It took about 2.5 hrs the first time and 3 hrs the second time (while watching TV). I’ve lost a couple of stickers already, but that’s MoYu for you. Great puzzles, crappy stickers (especially with their big cubes). I’m afraid that I’m going to have to re-sticker this bad boy. That’ll be an all day project I’m sure.

Overall I’m very happy with this puzzle. It has excellent build quality, and it’s fun to solve. It’s also pretty fun to show off 🙂

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