Tip: Learn New Algs While Slow Solving!

I’ve been practicing slow solving lately to improve my F2L and I’ve found that this is the perfect time to learn some new Last Layer algorithms.

Learning new algorithms can be a chore, and I’ve been putting off learning any new algs for a long time now. Specifically OLL’s. I know about 1/3 of the OLL’s and now that I’m getting close to sub 20 averages I KNOW that my 2-Look OLL is costing me sub 20 solves. However, despite relying on 2-Look OLL for 2/3 of my solves, my OLL times aren’t necessarily that bad. My real weakness is F2L, thus my focus lately has been on improving F2L with slow solving practice.

I found, while practicing slow solving, that I was also executing my last layer algs slower. I guess that since I’m not timing myself I’m less concerned about blasting through the last layer. I’m just focusing on executing it smoothly. That’s when it occurred to me; The biggest reason I don’t like learning new algs is because it slows me down. A well practiced 2-Look OLL is still faster than a new and unfamiliar 1-Look OLL. So if I don’t care about my times right now, then right now is the perfect time to learn some new OLL’s.

And it’s working! This week I’ve learned 5 new OLL’s to the point where I’m comfortable using them while solving. I think I’m going to just put the timer away for a while and focus on streamlining my F2L and learning some new algs. Hopefully this will help me shave off the 2 seconds I need to be sub 20.

Happy Cubing!

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